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Is there a difference between Bail and Bond?

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After arrest for a crime and been taken to jail, the “suspect” appears in front of a judge to decide the terms and conditions of “Bail” order. Bail is always denied if the defendant is deemed a threat to society or a flight risk. This means that the suspect remains in custody and cannot be released trial.

In the case where the perpetrator of a crime is released from jail before the trial, the judge will grant a “Bond” order. The bond can be secured or unsecured. With the secured bond, the person under arrest has to pay a financial amount or secure property to the value of the bond set by the court.

In the case of an unsecured bond, or surety bond, the suspect in the case will have their lawyer or qualified person to sign on their behalf; that the amount of money prescribed by the judge, guaranteed by the signatory, if the defendant breaks the conditions of the bond.

The forfeit paid by the defendant differs according to the severity of the crime committed. The defendant may be released “on his own recognizance”, which means he pays nothing and is told to appear in court to face trial on a certain date. In most bail-bond cases, the defendant is required to pay either cash or bond security on a property, or offer a surety bond where someone else offers to pay the amount to the court.

Cash bonds, referred to as “bail and are made as direct payment to the court. Property bonds give the title deeds to the defendant’s property, which is forfeit in the event of non-compliance with the conditions of the bond. The final surety bond, referred to as “bond” is where a third party agrees to pay the debt obligation of the defendant. In many cases, a bondsman will pay the bond on behalf of the defendant. Traditionally the defendant will pay the bondsman 10% of the value of the bond and put up collateral for the remainder. Courts will only accept Bail as a cash payment.

In legal terms, both Bond and Bail are related, in that they refer to the requirement imposed by the judge or court. The defendant will in both cases put forth a financial penalty as part of their promise to appear at trial as ordered by the court.

Regarding a Refund, the bail money paid by the defendant will be returned at the end of the trial. The caveat is that the court is satisfied that all requirements have been satisfied, whether the court finds the defendant guilty or not guilty. The money is forfeit if the defendant does not appear on the assigned court date. This money can also be awarded to the court to cover fines and fees.

By contrast, money paid to the agent for the bond is determined a portion of the fee, and is never returned.

Find yourself stuck in a police situation? This is what you should do

Photo on guy in jailIt can get quite troublesome when a person has to deal with the authority. He might have done something wrong or he could be completely innocent. But, a majority of folks tend to cringe with fear when they trapped in such a situation. A policeman will do what he has to do. In some cases, he might even try to force an answer out of a suspect during interrogation. But, an individual should never lose his calm when dealing with such a circumstance.

The common people too have certain powers to defend themselves against the authority. Whether he/she is a culprit or not, everyone has the right to ask for an attorney. Moreover, situations can get bad when people tend to answer to interrogations on their own. It is a mistake that needs to be avoided. One should never be questioned without an attorney. Anyhow, some tips that people should take care of are explained below. These tips will help readers tackle such situations when they are inflicted upon them by chance.

Physical attributes:

When dealing with cops, it is important to have a stable and visible posture. Sudden movements can lead to trouble at times. Cops are humans too and they can get nervous which could accidentally make them aggressive.

Charges are not decided by the cops:

If a policeman is deciding a person’s crime on his own, then it is wrong. A prosecutor is responsible for judging a person’s crime and charge accordingly. So, it is advisable to readers to keep their cool when dealing with such cops who start charging for crimes which are yet to be proven. In such a situation the person can keep his cool and ask to his lawyer.

By the Federal laws, anything that a person says is used against him at the court. So, never be questioned without an attorney. It is a fundamental right that people have.

Do not get caught in their mind trap:

Many cops tend to bring out what a suspect might have in his mind. For that, they try to act all friendly for the person to loosen up. But, that is a trick which police officers are good at. Some might even try the “Good cop, Bad cop” trick which can lead to an emotional breakdown of a suspect.

A suspect’s primary goal should be to avoid such interrogation situations at all costs. Attorneys are there to handle all such issues but they are useless if they are not called when needed. So it is very important that a lawyer is asked for right away.


It is important for every citizen to know his/her rights in such situations. There are times when an innocent person too gets convicted just because he/she opened the mouth at the wrong time. An individual should not do that without a lawyer. Messing with the authority without any backup even though a person is completely innocent is risky. People usually get nervous in such situations which can leave them vulnerable. But, with little knowledge and confidence, it can be avoided.

All You Need to Know about Criminal Lawyers in Greensboro

Having access to the right Greensboro criminal lawyers will be difficult at times. But then in case you want someone to handle all your cases well then the best thing which you can do is find one who is the best. Just when you do so you will be able to get ensured of the fact that things will get easy and you will be able to solve the issues well. When you know that there are too many of them present in the market taking out time and choosing one who is good will be important on your part.

There are too many of them and choosing the criminal lawyers in Greensboro who are well suitable for your needs is going to be important. Just when you do so you will come across the right kind of lawyers who will not only understand your case but will also find ways to get rid of it. There can be too many different issues which may rise up but then it is very important that you consider all of them and choose a lawyer for the same.

At times you will feel that you can do it all by yourself but then one thing you should know is that all of this will be daunting and time consuming too. Thus hiring services of some good Greensboro criminal lawyer will be important for you. As they are good professionals they will know it all very well and thus will help you in the best way possible. They will show you ways pit which can save you from the legal penalty and also the reimbursement which you will otherwise have to pay.

There are numerous Greensboro criminal lawyers present all across. But then it is suggested well that you always look for one who is in your vicinity and region. This is mainly because it is then that you can meet them up and discuss all that is needed. You can ask them a few questions and can also get solutions for all the criminal issues and charges against you. This will simplify your work to a greater extent.

The sources which can help you in looking out for Greensboro criminal lawyers are too many. Amongst all of these Internet is one good source which can help. Here you can look out for the best type of criminal lawyers who can help you in all type of situations.

Criminal lawyers in Greensboro or for that matter in any other parts of the world functions in two different ways; firstly, as a defense attorney in favor of the clients and the other as a prosecutor, who tries to prove the accused as guilty of a crime. Acting as a lawyer to defend the accused of a crime requires the lawyer to handle different responsibilities and roles as a legal counsel. Defense lawyers are of two types: attorney who works in private and a public defender. A public defender is appointed by the country and is assigned to those charged with a crime, but is not in a position to hire an attorney for them. Lawyers working in a private sector are generally appointed by the client based on the specialization of the lawyer.